1978 Yamaha IT 250

Specifically, I'm looking for the type of oil the transmission takes.

Also, anyone know if there is a PDF shop manual for this bike kicking around anywhere?

Most of the older yamaha's were suppose to use 10w-30 engine oil. I run 10w-40 in mine usually and i find it actually shifts easier with this oil. It also hits fewer false neutrals. Maybe its in my head. I don't know about the manual.

Thanks 79yamdt! If anyone knew where I could get a PDF manual or buy parts for this bike in general, I'd appreciate the information!

I use 10w/40 motor oil in most of my IT gearboxes. Occasionally I will use a light gear oil if the shifting is a bit grim.

Also looking for a PDF of an IT250D / E Service Manual.

Dave R

i use mobil1 full synthetic racing 4t 10w40 in my 1980 it250

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