Clutch stuck

I installed new plates and discs tonight, reassembled and the bike will not kick over. With the cover off, when the clutch was pulled, I could see the hub moving out to disengage, but it will not kick over. The friction plates were oiled before assembly, it's been disassembled and reassembled, it's all correct. I will try laying the bike over tomorrow for awhile to puddle oil on the clutch side, see if that helps. Clutch cable is fine, adjusted, pushrods and all are fine. Basket is 'ok' (minimal notches) Ideas?:thumbsup:

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Did you happen to let the plates soak in oil for atleast 24 hrs? Not sure if that makes a differance, but I know it's recommended.

So I am laying in bed, thinking about this....and it dawns on me that I am a dumbass. The bike was in gear. Even with a worn out clutch, it didn't like to start in gear. I will be going back to the garage in a few minutes.

Turns out, the bike was in gear. It was late when I tried it last night, sleep helps more than we know. IT LIVES!

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