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Piston Suggestions

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My sons 2008 CRF150R has almost 40hrs on it plus the 10-15 hrs that were put on it by the prior owner so I want to replace the piston soon as he's racing it every other weekend. I was thinking of upping the compression a little bit but want to be able to continue running 93 octane. Any suggestions on brands or compression?

While it's apart I am going to put new clutch in and may even put new valves in the heads. Anything else I should replace?



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Athena Pistons

Cosworth Piston the people that do Formula 1 engines

CP = Carrillo Piston

JE Piston

Moose Racing Piston (I belive there made by CP)

Pro-X Piston

Wiseco Piston

Wossner Pistons

Vertex Pistons

There all good brands just depend how big your pocket book is that you got

Keep mind that Stock Honda Compression is 11.7:1 and it a forged pistons and the max is 13:1 that highest they go so 93 octane can got a bit tab higher something like 13.4/5:1 I belive is max.

As for Valve

Kibblewhite, Vertex or Xceldyne

There 3 Option

Stock is Steel Valve

Better then Stock Stainless Steel Valve

Titanium Valve (Very high price) if go with this besure get the matching valve spring to it and have done rigth it not cheap you need also have install beryllium copper or nickel aluminum bronze seats

Look over the Clutch Basket Finger for heavy ware

Clutch Basket

Inner Clutch Hub

Clutch Pressure Plate

If there is heavy ware you want look at get billet aluminum like Hinson or Rekluse and there other brands.

Perf Barnett Clutch Kit which include friction plates, steel drive plates and hd clutch springs I used them for min years.

Mine bike pettey much 100% bone stock other a few mods in carb and I have well over 300+ hours how ever I don't race on track but do lot hard core trial riding

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