Mounting Trail Tech Batts

Trying to figure out where to mount TT LI-ion batteries for a headlight. I tried the upper area in the radiator/gas tank plastics but found that wasn't a very good choice. Hoping i might be able to put them in airbox with minimal effect to airflow in airbox, anyone have any good ideas?


Gettin' ready for the 24 Hour at Starvation?

I cut a piece from an old HD tube and screwed it across the bottom of my seat. The two batteries slide in between the seat and the rubber right above the airbox and are held in quite nicely. After several night rides and a couple 24 hour races they have never came out.

That said, I have Cyclops batteries which are shaped differently from the Trail Tech batteries so I don't know if yours would work in the same spot.

Yeah, hopefully come up with a mounting by the time the race gets here, I'll take a look at that underseat mounting option. Thanks for the info

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