Lower oil outlet threads

I think I stripped/broke the helicoil that hold the hose in place that drains oil from the frame into the lower engine case. I was tightening the bolt and it spun. I removed it and inspected the case. It looks like a helicoil is used, it did not look like the case had been threaded. Does anyone know for sure if this is a helicoil or had a similiar problem? How hard is it to replace a helicoil?


The job isn't bad, and the results seem to be better than stock! The heilicoil kit is expensive though. I striped the lower bolt on the oil filter cover (the drain bolt) and had no trouble repairing it. I had to pull the side case off, but you shouldn't have to. Drill carefully, and measure the depth that you need to drill so you can mark your bit before you drill. Going it too far could be a bit of a problem. Good luck


Drain your oil and flush your case with some cheap oil. I am currently doing a $1000.00 rebuild because of a small piece of wire that ended up in my oil pump and exploded the internal rotor. Now I need a piston,cylinder,oil pump, and rod, which will require the cases being split. :)

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