GPR V's Scotts

I am ready to buy a steering dampener and I hope there is someone that could tell me if one has an advantage over the other. At the moment I would prefer the GPR because of the mounting system and would have the option of useing a bar pad with my Pro-Tapers. The other impotant reason is that it is BLUE :D. It would lokk very trick with the "APPLIED" triple clamps in BLUE also. Thanks for any input.

Smoke :)

I recently had a Blue GPR put on my 01WR426. It was one if not the single biggest improvement I have ever done to the bike. I chose GPR because they have really good customer service. It was also cheaper and less complicated then the Scotts. Which by the way I hear really good things about. Except customer service. After my first ride my GPR started leaking. I called them up and found out that there was a bad batch of seals that made there way into a run of stabilizers. I sent it to them and had it back in 5 days total round trip. They will also rebuild it for you on the spot at the races for free. It is a great product supported by really good people. I do not regret going with GPR.

I have a Scotts, and it's the best money I've ever spent on my bike. The Scotts may have a bit more(not sure) adjustability, but who spends much time adjusting them anyway? For me, I set it and forget it. I've never used a GPR, but I don't imagine there's that much difference in performance. Sounds like you've got good reasons to choose GPR. Go for it. :)

I used to spend a lot of boring weekdays in LA, so on occasion I drove up to Scotts facility and had a chat. Here are a few things I learned about dampers.

With Soctts dampers, the low speed setting affects the high speed inversly. The more dampening on low speed, the less on high speed and vice versa (internally something changes) so if you crank up the low when the going gets fast, you lose some of the high. The high has a seperate knob also. gpr, high and low both one knob, both affected the same when adjusting. Why is the gpr unit cheaper?? It has a lot fewer internal parts and machining. Scotts has high and low speed, gpr one speed. Scotts has adjustable sweep control, gpr fixed. Scotts offroad models dampen away from center only (this is supposed to lessen armpump), gpr dampens both ways. Scotts has 20 or 30 clicks af adjustment on the low speed, gpr has 6. There are a lot of springs and check balls inside the scotts that are not in the gpr. gpr comes with a great big knob, Scotts charges extra for the big Knob. gpr will rebuild and update their damper for free (uses 10 wt fork oil), Scotts charges for this service (uses 2.5 wt fork oil). They are both very high quality units that accomplish the same thing in very different ways.

I have ridden with both and can not really tell any difference. I have the Scotts on now. I run it two full turns out (about 20 clicks). It feels like there is nothing there, until I hit the rocks or sand. I rode without it a few weeks ago and was shocked at how squirrly the bike was in the rocky sand washes here in AZ (mm-11). The same washes are like freeways with it back on the bike.

gpr had a short run of leak issues. They have long since been fixed. Randy Norman is a stand up guy and believes in great customer service. He also has a new damper out. Instead of mounting on top of a bar clamp, it is the bar clamp. It lets you use a standard fat bar pad. It will raise the bars between 3/4" and 1" depending on the bike, so if you have CR high bend bars and like the height you would have to get low bends to make the height the same. The only downside to this mew damper is it is bike specific, as it is made to replace the stock bar clamp. If you buy a DH1 top triple clamp and new style damper also, the next time you switch bikes all you would need is a new top clamp as all DH1 clamps have the same mouning holes for the bar clamp.

Sorry for being so long. :)

I have heard that there are no GPR v.2 dampeners to be had at this time. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?

Smoke :)

The GPR 2.0 stabilizer is available for applied top clamps right now. I heard that it will be a little while longer for the DH1 clamps. I got the 2.0 with applied top clamp and it is very nice. GPR has the absolute best customer service that I have ever seen in any product. If something goes wrong with your stabilizer, they will bend over backwards to fix it. I have heard great things about Scotts and a friend of mine just got an RTT (great customer service as well). Any of these you choose, you can't go wrong, but if I were to do it over again, it would be tough competition between GPR and RTT. With the GPR, I think you will get the most bang for your buck. :)

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