YZ426F Flywheel Weight

I am looking into getting a flywheel weight on my 426 because I ride mainly offroad and am having problems stalling on hills cause of the front wheel coming up. i would buy a recluse but i dont have the $$ right now. i was wondering what weight should i go for and where can you buy one of these i cant find them anywhere?!?! any help is appreciated thanks

would a stealthy "YZ 400F 98-99 Yamaha Motorcycle Flywheel Weight" fit in my 02 yz426?

or could i put a flywheel from a wr 426? would that make a difference?

I know the WR flywheel will work for sure. Not sure about the yz400. There are several threads on this subject already though. Might try doing a search here on TT. There was a thread about a month or two ago about this. I have a flywheel weight on mine with a 49 tooth rear sprocket and it handles woods nicely I think. I got my bike with the flywheel weight already on it so im not sure what brand it is or where it was bought. I just added the rear sprocket over the last weekend and it made a huge difference from the 46 tooth I had on it originally. Might try ebay for a WR flywheel or Steahly one. I here the Steahly ones are top notch.

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