installed new top end and bike wont start

I have a 2001 yamaha yzf426 that ran hot so I cracked a cylinder so I bought a top end(cylinder,piston, cylinder head) and installed it, cleaned carb flushed oil out and bike still won't start all I got was one loud backfire. I have checked for spark and its got spark, verified camshaft timing to crankshaft timing. And I'm going to check valve lash and leakdown test today. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm trying to ride by the weekend. Before I get stationed in ga.

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check the valves

check the valves

check the valves

lol yeah i agree, check the valve clearance. If they are too tight, you are getting too much effective overlap thus reducing your starting compression / efficiency. Also double triple check the cams are not phased incorrectly to the crank or each other. I screwed up once like that, the bike would fire if you bump started it, but not if you kicked it. It ran like crap down low and ran like crazy up high. Turned out we had the exhaust cam phased a tooth retarded.

Thanks for the input. Im going to check valves today.

I checked the valves and the exhaust valves were too tight, got them in spec. And it started on the first kick.

Good to hear!

Awesome dude!!! Glad to hear! :thumbsup:

Ok guys here's the deal I rode the bike for about an hour and I parked it. When I tried to start it shown it wouldn't start. I pulled the plug and it was wet with coolant. I have a total of 3 cylinder heads and 2 cylinders so far none has worked. I checked two of the cylinder heads and they were warped so I have them being repaired at the machine shop at my school. What do you guys think the problem is?

Make, model, year?

01 yz426

01 yz426

:busted: :busted:

Anyway, now that I'm awake, how did you go about torquing the head bolts?

It's a 426 but I have a 400 motor with the 426 connecting rid and the 426 cylinder and cylinder head

I torqued the cylinder head bolts to 32 ft-lb

In steps and in sequence, or all the way to 32 in a single step?

However the manual said nothing about putting lube on the bolts but I used the same torque method on my yz400f and it runs good

I torqued it in two steps

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