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Race From Sunday

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I raced there Sunday(the track is 2 miles form home) and I didn't think it was that rough. A lot of braking bumps but it flowed very well I thought. I spoke with Buren after the race and he commented it was a little rough.

I had rotator cuff/shoulder surgery in June and I wanted to see if I had recovered well enough to race. This "rough" condition was a good test. The shoulder held up well, the elbow/forearm(forgot my protection) didn't after I crashed. I'm 54 and competed in the Unlimited 25 class.

Also, if the person shooting video in the long open area of the the guy who swapped ends 3 times and saved it(not skill, just luck) post a reply I'd love to get a copy. I was on a blue WR450 and white helmet. I haven't pooped since Sunday "cause my sphinter muscle still won't relax!

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