Suspension Q's for 00426

Please Help!! I am trying to become self sufficient in my bike setup, but I am confused.

1. Front forks: Is the compression adjustment at the top of the forks or on the bottom? The manual refers to compression at the bottom and rebound at the top.

2. I ride alot of motocross tracks and I'm beginning to jump further and ride faster. Someone told me I should stiffen compression and set rebound about midway. Does this sound acurate and if so question #1 will help me figure this out?

3. The book says to turn clicks to max setting(all the way in or to "H")and then turn clicks out(to "S")to adjust. Is this acurate?

I am 6'2 and weigh 215lbs. and my suspension usally feels pretty good when I'm riding a track that has alot of heavy loose soil with some soft berms and big tabletops that have gradual faces and landing areas. The trouble starts when I go to another track that has hard packed ground with alot of acceleration bumps whoops and hard sharp faced jumps where speeds are slower with more air time and corners are slippery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

1. The manual is right. You answered your own question.

2. Yes. But if you are not bottoming, it may not be necessary. Experiment and learn the feel of different settings.

3. Yes. The convention is to count CCW from bottomed out CW.

As your speed and jumping increase, you will probably need stiffer springs and valving, due to your weight.

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