oil from around push lever assy?

I replaced the seal which made it go from a gushing amount of oil to a trickle. do the push lever assy's wear out with the seals? It's an 06 yz450f. how common is that? maybe the new seal is bad? I have about 3 years of supermoto racing on it and this is the 1st time its ever had any kind of engine problem. replace the push lever as well?

The seal could be damaged, improperly installed, etc. The bearing below the seal could have loosened up also, so check that.

how does that bearing come out?

From the top with a blind bearing puller.

thank you. the book doesn't say. i also found a small crack in this area. i want to see how deep it goes. anyone have any experience with jb weld in this area? it take about 5-10 min to pool enough oil to make a drip. tells you how small the crack is.

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