01 426 Lighting Question

I just recently bought a 426 that is plated here in CA... and was told by Baja Designs that I have to get the WR stator, flywheel, and CDI. Now Im expecting to feel a little difference in power with the WR flywheel, but what should i expect from the CDI? Is it going to change the power output that much? what about cams and timing? Im relatively new to bike electrical and am not sure at all how the new CDI is going to be. I've heard that you can just run the WR stator and flywheel and modify the stator to work with the YZ CDI, which is a better option?

Thanks guys.

You dont need the CDI.

ok. why would baja designs say i do? i just bought a OEM one from the TT store, but still expensive as hell.... any benefits to having the WR one at all? Will the WR cdi affect power?

The YZF and WRF CDI's operate off of two different electrical systems. The reason Ricky Stator told you that you don't need the WR is because the WR stator can be fairly easily modified to work with the YZF CDI. BD was probably basing their statement on the premise that you would use the stock parts as they are.



The WR flywheel will not cost you any horsepower at all, although you might notice a difference in the acceleration in the first two gears only, but it will probably be a good thing rather than a negative. The CDI also will not really reduce the power very noticeably.

so thats all i'd have to do to the wr stator to properly work with the YZ cdi?

so thats all i'd have to do to the wr stator to properly work with the YZ cdi?

Yes that is all you have to do. Not sure why BD told you that.

cool, thats all i needed to know... now to return the WR stator and use the money for something else for the bike.. haha

You need the stator, it's the CDI you don't need. Almost no one will accept returns of electrical components because people will tend to troubleshoot their bikes by buying and returning parts until they get the right one. If it hasn't been removed from the sealed bag, you may be OK, but I advise calling ahead before sending it back.

sorry, i meant CDI.

Ya, i emailed the TT store and looks like im kinda stuck with it as it already processed for shipping... maybe i can email again and plead the issue, especially if it's unopened and whatnot. thanks for your help guys

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