Can anyone recommend a good place to send a FCR for service?

I have a low hour 02 YZ426 thats been sitting for about 6 years and the carb is gummed up. Also alot of crust in there! I want to send it out and have it serviced and have some of the popular mods done to it. I heard Zip Ty Racing is a good place to send it, anybody have any experiance with them? Any other places?

Thanks, Rob

No local dealerships/shops in NJ that can service it for you? Be sure to clean the tank, rebuild the fuel petcock and clean replace all the fuel lines. I hear far to often someone service there carb, fill the bike up with fresh gas that pushes dirt from the lines back into the carb and clogs it again.

As bad as ethanol fuel is these days, learning how to service your own carb is a must.

learning how to service your own carb is a must.

I agree with everything he just said. Make sure you replace all your fuel lines, clean the petcock REALLY well, and clean out the tank. I have wasted a couple hours cleaning carbs before, just to have crud from the tank get sucked back in again, 10 seconds after starting it up.

FCR's are among the most complicated carbs out there, but they aren't impossible to work on. Take the carb off and strip it yourself man. They are very easy to clean, and pretty self explanatory once you open it up.

FCR information is ALL OVER the 'net. I'd take the time to do it yourself, so you actually know whats going on with your carb, if you run into trouble again.

Its really not that hard man, you can definetly do it.

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