How far is enough ?

In about two weeks I will be the proud owner of a new 01' yz426f. I know about the starting drill you have to follow but I don't know where TDC is (I was a 2-stroke rider) and how far I should kick past TDC with the decompression lever in.

I know you guys must be sick of answering this question.

Can anyone help a 4-Stroke newcomer? :)

here it is....straddle the bike,kick her slowly - at some point the kick lever will stop,BAM your at top dead center.its that easy,then follow the directions in the manual,and remember DONT TOUCH THE THROTTLE WHILE YOUR KICKING IT!!!!good luckand you made a great choice.

Thax, seems simple enough.

Once at TDC pull in the lever and push, not kick, a tiny bit past (like an inch or so.) Then let out the decomp. lever and return the kickstarter to the top of the storke and kick it like you mean it without touching the gas. Actually, with mine I have to touch the gas a little but I think my bike is just a little different or special in funny ways. It thinks it's a 2 stroke!!!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Thax guys! In two weeks I'll put it to the test :)

Pysco, You cant miss TDC because you will probably break the kick starter off if you try to kick it over TDC with a slow kick. The kicker will just pretty much stop. Then just pull the decomp and let the kicker move just an inch like they say, return kicker to top and let er rip. Not a big deal at all. Its just a matter of getting the bike tuned and knowing what she wants when it stops the hard way. I jumped into a lake in 3rd gear this weekend when she was good and hot, once I got winched out, I had to use all the tricks in the book, kick it 5 to 10 times with the hot start pulled and decmop pulled to clear it out, then try to fire it. Had to do that whole drill twice before she fired up. Thats the first time I had to use the hot start or kick with the decomp pulled a few times to clear her out. She did not like the whole jumping into the lake in front of like 10 people and get stuck thing. Just make sure you have those tricks in you helmet when you need em!

sirhk, its funny to here you talk about the bike that way, they seem to attain quite destint and female personalities dont they?

You got to treat them just right to get them started, if you make em mad once their running, better get ready to grovel just right to gettem to talk to you agian after a time out :) .

Thanx WR_Jason, I definitely don't want to break anything on my first day with my new Yamaha, only 15 more days to go ! :)

Funny...yet, accurate analogy... :)

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