Questions about Yz 426

Hi everyone, I have been looking for a new bike for awhile now and I have seen a few deals on craigslist for a yz426. I don't know much about these bikes and was wondering if they are any good, any problems with them, power, size, etc. I am 15, 5' 7", 140 pounds, Intermediate skill level (I've been riding since I was 8), and am coming off of a 2003 YZ 85. I ride 80% trails and 20% track. Thanks!! :thumbsup:

i would move up to a 250f if i was you. im 6'1" 215 just bought a 426 after spending 6 years riding an 04 yz125 and these bikes are beasty. i rode my friends 01 yz250f last time we went riding. it was my first timeriding a 250f and coming off the 426 to that bike you could really feel the weight and handling difference. i think you would be more happy with it. sometimes having the biggest bike doesn't necessarily make riding more fun. But if you really want a 426 try and get an 02 or 01 they have less problems. I love my 02 definitly worth the 9 bills i paid for it.

I have had my yz426 for a long time and I can tell you it's prob not what your looking for.

I'm 25, 5'10 and 185 lbs and the bike is a handful for a guy my size. Yes it has good power but it's far from ideal for a 80% trails bike.

I would think coming off of a yz85 it would make more since moving to a yz250f or something that size. the power will be more usable on tight trails and the weight will be easier for a guy your size to handle.

If you dropped the 250lbs yz426f could you pick it up? what if it falls on you?

the yz426f can be a pain to start if you stall in the woods and are already tired... good luck.

anyways... I love my bike don't get me wrong. But I feel it's more built for Track and wide open riding. and its size and weight are best fit to larger riders.

When my son was 14, he moved from his CR80RB to a YZ250F. Buying that bike for him instead of anything either larger or smaller was one of the 5 best moves I've ever made. He learned more in the first 2 months riding that bike than he had in the previous two years, and could hang in with the big bikes in virtually any situation. When he did move up to a 450, he was ready for it, which he absolutely would not have been had he jumped from the little bike to that level earlier.

I agree with the others. I'm not saying that you couldn't handle the bike, but I will tell you that I'm 6'2" 250 lbs and my WR 426 is a handful.

Coming off a YZ 85, I would think that a 250F would be enough to keep you satisfied for a while.

From your current perspective (having once very long ago been 15), it will be difficult to understand this, but it's not even so much a matter of keeping you "satisfied" or a question of your physical ability to manage the bike, it's whether the bike will help you develop as a rider, or hinder you in that pursuit. At your age and size, coming off the YZ85, being confronted with a big, heavy, slightly uncooperative, and extremely powerful thing like the 426 could cause you to learn some bad habits, or simply be such a handful as to hold you back. The YZ250F, for all the power it does actually have, is one of the most enjoyable, user-friendly rides you could possibly pick out. No one that ever rode ours ever came back without a big smile on his face.

I've been riding an '01 YZ426 for 2 1/2 years now, coming from a looooong hiatus of dirt bikes. It is a handful. You have to respect the bike. I would go with a 250f, just as everyone else says. There is a lot of wisdom on this site and the general consensus won't steer you wrong.

I'd also say a 250f would be a better choice. Although you could also pick up a yz125 for cheap. Or you could grab a yz250 (light and powerful) and be plenty happy from now til the end of time but like the 426 it might be too much for you.

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