Best Exhaust options for WR450 given CA crack down

The buzz in southern CA is very strong that rangers in popular desert riding areas (such as OW) have noise meters and are ready to test all bikes and quads. I'm very concerned since my bike has the cork removed and is too loud. I've got a PMB insert, but don't like the reduced performance. I ordered a GYRT insert, but they are now back ordered. Does anyone have good experience getting to 96 dB with an after market exhaust, such as the e-series or FMF? Also, does anyone have a link for the actual testing procedure? I've heard many different versions of what the rangers can and will do, such as test at idle or at 1/4 throttle. I have also heard that the rangers plan to enter camps at night and ask owners to start bikes for testing - is this legal? :)

The FMF Q seems to be the hot ticket. I replaced my White Brothers with the FMF Q. Power with the Q on seems reasonable also.



im waiting for the new e2 but ive also looked into the pc 496 which looks sweet, personally i dont like fmf but im also looking into the titanium 4 17" with the quiet core and the power bomb header :excuseme:im also interested in this topic

I really like my Big Gun Quiet system. I got the complete system. I think it has a better mounting system then the FMF.

I habe the PC 496 and am happy with it.It tested right at 96dbs and makes good power over the stocker.I'm waiting for the e2 to come out and i'm going to do back to back tests with them.The PC is about the same length as the stocker but weighs a few lbs less. :)

My next pipe will be the PC496... Paul and Dan, you should be proud of yourselves, I do listen to you guys, and respect your opinions.. :) For times when I'm not racing I'll put a quiet pipe on... My dad likes his "Q", it seems to be holding up (for snake oil) :D....

Dan :D

Who makes the PC 496? Do you have a link? Thanks

It is the Pro Circuit type 496 pipe.They still don't have it on their site.I ordered it through TT. It is basically their 96db leagal pipe. I have some pics i'll see if i can dif them up. :)

I like the FMF Q also. The mount is a little funky, but once it's on all is good.

Thanks. If you could, please e-mail the PC 494 pictures to or post here.

I found some pics they aren't the best quality but it'll give you the idea.



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