DSP pipes

Has anyone tried the DSP exhaust system? How does it compare to Big Gun? Does anyone know the web addres for DSP?



don't know. www.yahoo.com


seriously, i have the stainless unit on my '00 426, and i love the power. the pipe breathes well, but still has plenty of boost off the bottom. the only thing i don't really groove on is the fact that it has a joint between the stinger and the muffler. it allows the muffler to move around and it hits my rear tire a bit.


will pattison

racer, engineer


My DSP stainless pipe did add some power to the low end and helped smooth out the mid range jolt of the stock system. But it did come at the expense of losing the heat shield and $350 less from my moto budget. I’ve come across several articles here at ThumperTalk and also magazines that recommend leaving the pipe alone. After changing mine I’d have to agree…at my level (Vet Novice) it’s probably not worth it (I’ve already got a hole in my riding pants from the DSP header). If you do decide to make the switch I found that a 45PJ, 168MJ, and 1 1/4 turns on the pilot screw works best up to 1000 ft.

I 'm just now starting to Jet this thing with the DSP pipe,the jetting they recommend is way too rich(at least for florida) I'm at a 165 MJ and a 42PJ at 2-1/4 turns out and I'll let you know.I like the weight savings of a couple of pounds and needed the spark arrestor for the New H.S. season but its kinda pricey,if I didn't need the Spark Arrestor I probably wouldn't have bought it,stock works just fine!

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