I think I wasted my 2010 yz450f...oil plug fell out

I think I wasted my bike, while riding my bike started running very loud. Stopped the engine and oil was pouring out of the drain plug hole. Abviously didnt tighten enough and it fell out.. just dropped it off at the shop and very worried how much this is going to cost me : ( Sounded like the piston was slapping something. Anybody wanna guess what kind of damage I have done?

I would say that if you still had oil coming out then you should be okay.

Had the same thing happen to me...bike started making a racket, looked down to see oil all over my boot and a missing drain plug. Shut it down, refilled it with oil and never looked back...that was in 2009.

A friend of mine cracked the case on his YZ450 way back in the mountains and lost all his oil. He rode it up every hill on the way back to the truck, pushed the rest of the time. When he tore it down to replace the broken case he had no oil-related damage.

Thx wiz . I tried putting more oil in it and still made that horrible slapping noise.

At best it's probably just the piston. At worst it's the valve train, crank, and piston. Cases are still good, transmission probably pulled through okay, but the high load parts probably took a beating.

Good luck.

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