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Pure MXer or dual sport?

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i am facing a delema. my parents r willing to buy me a bike very soon, finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and i have found 2 good deals.

the 1st is a 2000 520exc, for $3,000 (i got it down from 3.5)

the 2nd is a 2001 kx250, for $2700.

i have my licence to ride on the road so the 520 sounds fun and thats wat i have wanted for a long time, something i can slap some road tyres on and have alot of fun around my street.

but on the other hand, ive wanted a 2 stroke for a while. and i have this funny feeling that if i buy the kx250 that one day i will kick myself for not getting a street legal dirt bike.

the downside of a mxer is u need somewhere to ride ie a friends farm or pay for a track, and with the exc u can ride anywhere and then ride off road then go back on and not worry bout cops :thumbsup:.

both bikes are close to each other i might check em out.



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