2001 yz 426 FOR SALE

Heads up,

I have one left in stock! located in San Francisco. Call Paul at 415 771 4535 if you are interested. This is a brand new unit not used.


I told my friend about your bike and he said you weren't willing to budge on the price at all and pulled the "it's the only one left in Cal." crap. That's BS there's tons of shops around that still have them and are willing to deal. It's obvious from what my friends comments were about you that the dollar is more important then a happy customer that will return and spend more money!!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


Heads up your @$$ you spammin' idiot!

Your friend made an offer that I had to look into. I tried calling the cell number he gave me and it was disconnected. If i was entertaining an offer, how could he say I wouldnt budge? It turned out that the offer he made was below cost. If your friend is serious and wants a realistic price, have him call me.


I ride 01wr426;96 cbr600;93 900ss;98s1w;81 flt

i know where there is 4, 4 sale at 4999 plus 125 bull s fee plus tax all 01yz426

I'm not positive if he's ready or not. I know he said that he would be getting one soon and to keep an eye out for him. I honestly don't have a phone # for him. It's an old college friend that lives in the bay area. I live in San Diego and just happened to see your ad so I fwd. it to him. Don't know what else to say.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I live in SoCal and bought a brand new '01 426 from Aleks Powersports in PA. I paid $4999 plus $300 shipping (TOTAL), and had it in about 4 days. Saw the ad in the online Cycle Trader. I have the guy's # if anybody is interested.

I called yest. and asked the price.

Paul told me RETAIL..........


Retail on a bike that is a year old?

Give me a friggin' break!

My friend that is sposored by a local dealer can get the 426 at cost (and they have 2) which is about 4800 bones OTD.

Isn't the SPAMMING controlled on TT?




6 BILLs plus tax doesnt sound like much of a DEAL to me!

How bout' you guys?


Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

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I think you are confused.

sirkh and I have no clue who each other are except for socializin on this board.

And the # I gave has been being used all day long and no problem no prob for over a yr on this tele. don't know what # you called but it is not mine.

I called yest and u said u wud call bak and no call.

I don't think 4800 is below cost cuz my frnd is going to pik his up tommorow for $4800 otd

Besides you can sit on it if you want but I think a yr old bike definitely will NOT sell for RETAIL!

High Blue book is $5375

LOW blue book is $3820

I realize that it is not used but as soon as it leaves your floor it is worth somewhere in between these and I think the 48 bills is a fair price!

If it were me I would sell it now b4 the 02's show up on the floor cuz' I don't know anyone that would pay $5999 for a 01' when a 02' is sittin' next to it for $5999!


And I know Yammy only carries the interest for so long and that time period is definitely over so it is actually costin you guys $$$$ to have it set on your floor.


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I'm the one that sirhk is talking about, and I did call Paul. He wants full retail for the bike and claimed that they were hard to get. I agree that it is crazy to pay full retail for a bike that is just about a year old. What is up with the place that sells and ships realy cheap? I have been looking into getting new bike for a while. That sounds like a hell of a deal.

If you're referring to the place I got mine: The web address is www.alekspowersports.com

The phone # is 814 833-FUN1 The guy I dealt with is named Mark. The shipping was $300 to Ca. If you're further east, it's probably cheaper.

It is as simple as this, if you don't like the price don't complain just take your business elsewhere.

how much should a 2001 YZ426 be at this time? the guy i was thinking about buying it from is still going to sell it for $6,000 to me NEW. is that unresonable?

A new 01 426's cost is just about 5G's. That's why that dealer is selling them for 4999.00 OTD plus shipping. Anything below that is below cost. If your getting it for cost, your doing real well. Just think. The 02's aren't going to be much different. So why pay 6G's. IMO, if you buy a new 01, it's still worth high 4's if it's still in great condition. That 3800.00 # is if you are real desperate to sell it. Anyone should be able to sell an 01 used for 4500.00 all day. It's below cost and you may just get some goodies with it.

"IF" - notice I said "IF"

If this is the same "source" I ran into......

I believe the bikes are of Canadian origin (after Japan of course). If ANY $$$ (read deposit) are required PRIOR to shipment of the bike to the depot, the BUYER will assume transport/shipment liability AND the buyer will receive no warranty / dealer support.

This is what I discovered following extensive research. Remember guys, unanswered questions mean hidden potential problems. If the deal sounds too good to be true......

Rubber down - rippin ruts...


If (once again) you're referring to the place I got mine (Aleks Powersports) I have a full warranty, got the Yamaha financing deal (I think $30/month til next year) yada yada. Plus mine's a U.S. bike (whatever that means) The shipping was done through Forward Air. I didn't leave a deposit, and I didn't sign anything relating to shipping liability. The bike wasn't damaged in any way, and I wouldn't have been responsible for it had it been. As far as repair work goes: That's the back-end of the dealership. These guys make money when you bring your bike to them for service. They don't care where you bought it.

I'm just posting some useful info here. I got a good deal on a 426, and am sharing the source. You can speculate scenarios all you want. Use the info, or don't. No skin off of me. The more you pay, the better my resale will be :-)

Backing up Kevin on that one. As for insanejd, the point of the conversation was that paul made claims that were outragous and the discussion went to watching out for shady salesmen.

Man, you west coast guys are paying way too much for a 2001 YZF426. Over here in the S.E. the shops are stocked with brand new 2001 426's. I get calls from dealers that are offering $4300-$4500 drive out, incl. taxes & all the other BS dealers charge for.

Remember, this is the end of the 2001 season, you can negotiate a much better price.

what are they selling the 250f for over there? Can you really get a 01 426 for 4300 can you post a dealer #. I would love to pick up a new one for that price. In TX there selling for 6000-6200 with all b.s dealer add-on costs.

I believe that dealer cost on the bikes is just under $5100. There was a $200 rebate that ended the 1st week of July. That could concievably take the price down to $4999. I just picked up a new 01 426 for $5000. There is also a no money down no payments until March 02 on the 426. If you are smart with your money, you can take that 5k and put it into a 6 month money market or CD and make enough to cover all of you tax and license and maintence then sell the bike this spring and get a 02 for no additional cost.

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