YZ450F Radiators

Hey guys I got a set of aftermarket radiators. They are oversize and say theyre a direct fit. But the inlets and outlets are off a bit and one of the spouts on the top of the left radiator is coliding with the gas tank making bolting the gas tank on impossible. I got these because they were cheaper than OEM and I didnt want to get my stock ones repaired for 60 bucks (the set of rads were 105 shipped). So basically what im asking is, has anyone had this problem? The bike is a 2003 YZ450F.

no but i have heard of it. where did you get them from? who sells them? i am about to get a set i want to make sure they fit

Hey bud! I fixed it. I had to heat and bend the attach point. I got mine off of ebay. They are similar to fluidyne just not expensive. WHat bike are you getting it for? I fixed mine, and they work great!

I had an 03 YZ450 desert race bike i built, i used the Fluidyne & the fit & finish r perfict!!! ( I never had rad gaurds around these ever! ) iv got an 06 YZ450 now & iv got the cheaper MYLERS or somthing like that on it & i dont like the fins inbetween the rows they dont take plants, stick or even a slow lay down well & iv got custom rad guards around them , Id say save the money for the Fluidyne rads for sure they can take roll overs/lay downs & mojave PIN striping in a desert race.

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