Large dowel between crankcase and barrel???

Do I need a large dowel between the barrel and crankcase? It's at the front of the engine, slightly to one side. I have been to a parts dealer and there is not a dowel on the 'fish' diagram on their computer. But my mechanic who is re-building my engine says that there's supposed to be one in there.

This is doing my head in as I've tried looking at everything to see if it's supposed to be in there and it's just got lost.

Rebuild start date: 24/1/2011 still not completed yet....

What bike do you have?

Have a look at the 'Water Pump' section of the parts fische.

It shows the cylinder/crankcase dowels there rather than in the crankcase or cylinder sections as they are considered part of the cooling system.

Here is a link to a 2004 WR water pump section (scroll the image down to see the dowels):

WR450F water pump link

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If it was born with a dowel it's got to have a dowel to retain durability. Dowels are a very slight interference fit and keep the cylinder and head from moving around. If it moves around it will eventully cause gasket failure at a minimum. Also that diagram shows an o-ring around the dowel, the ring will need the dowel for internal support.

Once again, thumpertalk has come up trumps!! Thanks to sknight and a very big thankyou to to pdunlop!! I can now take the picture of the waterpump fische and get the final part ordered. Should be back out in a couple if weeks now. Thanks again!

Happy to help, here's to you getting to ride it soon!

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