Rear sprocket

I have been looking into new chain and sprockets. Especially since I am still running the stock set-up with 700 miles on them. I am checking out the Ironman sprockets with a DID ERV2 chain. My question is should I stay with the stock 14/50 gearing? I run harescrambles with tight sections and also ride wide open trails at pretty good speeds. I find that 1st gear is useless. I almost never use it because it is geared so low. Even on extremely large hill climbs (in Ohio because NC doesn't have any that I have found) with no run, I never use first, 2nd all the way! Should I go to a 15 tooth counter sprocket, or maybe like a 45 or 48 tooth rear? How much of a difference will I notice? How much would this affect chain length? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You know, when I got my WR, I already had a 16 t front sprocket on it because the guy from whom I bought it used was riding it on the road only.

I never took it back and always felt enough power. I now have two wheel sets. The 19'' rear wheel is mounted with a D756 and 50t sprocket and the road 18'' is wearing a 43t! Yes: I'm 16/43 for the road and the bike now loves taking the highway at 65 mph for hours.

I'd say that the 16/50 ratio makes the first gear a little bit speedy though. I'd prefer a 15/50.

Hope that helps


It definately helps a little! Are you still running a 114 link chain with the rear wheel all the way forward, or is your chain longer? Thanks!

I'm running a 13/47 (3.61:1) and that is a little bit higher than stock (3.57:1) or what you have now and it works fine, but I wouldnt mind a little more lower gearing. I'm going to install the 50 tooth rear sprocket with the 13 in the front, this should be perfect or maybe a little low.

It is now the time to change my chain: I think i still have the original one. I don't know how many links I have on it because I don,t know if the guy before me cut some.

When I installed my 43t rear sprocket I had to cut a pair. I will check for the number of link tonight and post back later.

I tried the 13/50 combo early this spring. I wanted to have slow tractability for a spring ride, there was lot of ice, snow, semi frozen mud holes, all type of situations requiring walking speed.

With the 13 there was no problems. The bike can really go slow, if you adjust the idle a bit on the high side, you won't even have to twist the throttle. This bike can chug its way in first on idle very easily. But as soon as the trail open up, this low gearing is useless. But then there are 4 more gears to go :D

I went back to the stock 14/50 set up, but I still keep my 13 for those really nasty rides :).

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