Pivot works linkage bearing kit for 06 yz450f

I just got my linkage bearing kit in the mail today only to realize they will not fit in my 06 yz450f. It clearly says they are for the 06-08 yz450f on the box.

Their kit came with 4 bearing of the correct size and 2 that are a bit larger that don't fit anywhere in my linkage. I should have received 6 bearings of the same size.

Has anyone else had this problem? I am pretty :thumbsup: at the situation since I need to have this bike together and there are no Yamaha dealers in my area forcing me to buy stuff online and wait for shipping.

So now I'm out $75 in bearings that will not fit, I contacted pivot works about the problem but haven't heard back.

Talked to pivot works and there must have been a confusion with the changes through the years of Yamahas linkage sizing.

They are sending me out replacment bearings that will fit.

I'm guessing I am the first one replacing the bearings in an 06, the OEM ones were actually working fine but when I tore them down for a regrease I noticed that the lip was broken on 2 of them so I decided to replace them.

Glad PW is stepping up. BTW, a Yamaha dealer located next door won't help. They never carry any OEM parts in stock.

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