Snapped handle bar clamp bolt

Was trying to take off the pro taper fat bar adapter and bars my older boy had on for the younger one now that he's riding it. Anyway snapped one of the bolts that mounted directly to the stock triple clamp. Then snapped the easy out I was using to get it out.....

Any one know of a fix, a machine shop be able to get it out? New triple clamps?

Pull it off and take it to a machine shop, but get a quote first. Might be that a new top clamp would make sense.

I ended up ordering a new Applied top clamp to replace the ruined stock. In the interim, I drilled out my mistake, put a 5/16 helicoil in and everyting bolts back down. I have no faith in it being sturdy enough to handle the rigors of MX long term, but I am pretty sure it will get him through a weekend. I am going to feel like a POS of his handle snaps when jumping, but I am pretty sure its sturdy enough and the aluminum wont break.

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