2006 WR450 Strange Noise

I have a relatively new to me 2006 WR450. All free mods done, FMF exhaust, otherwise pretty much stock. I have been trying to figure out a strange noise that at first was intermittent, now is mostly constant. It is a high pitch whine, almost sounds like an electric alarm. It will make the noise with the motor running or off while coasting. The engine can be hot or cold. It seems to be coming from the front wheel. I have inspected the wheel bearings, front break and speeedo, they all seem to be fine. I took it to my local shop and left it for a few days and of course it ran perfectly…Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

The engine shield can reflect noise from the engine area, take it off and see if it still has the noise like you're describing. Even though the engine's off the transmission is still spinning so if there's a bad bearing in there the noise wouldn't change. The noise sounds like a bearing, just a matter of locating it which can be a real PITA sometimes.

The front wheel bearings on my 06' made that noise for a year. Until i changed them. Even tho they seemed fine, and had just a little rust. The noise i had was from the rubber dust shield, rubbing on the axel. Since the bearing was slightly worn, it made the dust shield off center. Yamaha doesn't grease any of the bearings very well when their new.:thumbsup:

OK, I swapped out the front wheel bearings today and so far it seems better. Thanks for your help! I'll take her out tomorrow for a long ride.

if it continues it could be a warped brake rotor...

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