Getting T'd

There are a couple of radical brain cells running around in my head that may cause me to purchase a second YZ426 (or perhaps a WR) for the purpose of building up a lethal street legal TT version of the machine.

My other two brain cells are hinting at the need for different rim sizes, stiffer suspension, higher gearing, more horsepower, and some plastic chomping.

This could be used as a street machine, and with a quick conversion, be put to use on the road tracks for some high up, rear tire sliding fun.

So the big question. Should I allow these brain cells to run loose in my head and build such a machine?

Thoughts? Ideas?


Sounds like a cool idea. When you're done post some pics. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" -Albert Einstein


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How about when your done, let me know so I can drop by and RIDE IT! ;-)

Bigger brakes, street wheels and tires, lowered suspension, stiffer springs / street type damping. Whatever you need to make it street legal in CA (if you even can ?)

Sounds like an absolute BLAST! Saw a SuperMotard CR500 for sale in FLA about a year ago and man it made me sweat just looking at it!

Dave S

check out

has some good pics of a super tt yz426.

with the god father as the pilot.

Go for it! I have a '96 XR600 that I gave the Supermotard treatment last year. It is the ultimate commuter/hooligan bike. I ride it 10 miles into downtown Minneapolis for work, and always arrive with a huge grin. I also have a spare set of 17" wheels that should fit your YZ. All you would need to do is swap wheels for a blast around a paved track. I've been trying to hold off putting them on my '99 YZ400. Let me know if you'd like me to email you pics of my XR and details of the spare wheels(17" x 2.5" front, 17" x 3" rear, blue Sun rims and gold Talon hubs).



Cool idea, I say go for it!


I'd love to see those pics.

Geez...and I thought you were talking about getting a female...DOH!!

Dave, if I was afflicted with your particular virus, I would be looking at the XR650R. A friend said he saw one recently, and it was awesome. He said White Bros has a conversion kit for it. That would be a nice shortcut.

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