Price check? 00' yz426f

I'm selling my 00' yz426f... time to upgrade.

I have taken care of this bike and dont wanna ask so much that it doesnt sell and I don't wanna give it away either.

I was thinking about $1200. I just replaced the tires front and rear, and fully serviced the bike. coolant flush, oil, plug, ect.

the only 2 bad things I can say about it is the blue plastics look dull and plain (zero graphics) and the chain and sprocket are ready to be replaced asap.

I have the full yoshimura system, Azonic twin wall bars and triple tree, bike runs like a champ... so do you guys think asking $1200 is fair?

I know the game.. EVERYONE will try to talk me to $1000 before seeing the bike and I think it's worth more. Just want a little advice because I'm terrible at selling and always seem to get beat.

$1200 is a good starting point. May have to go down to $1000 to get it sold. I'd have paid that for one back when I was looking, but it was hard to find one in decent shape that anyone wanted to get rid of

I just picked up a 2000 YZ426 in good shape for $800 in Michigan.

Needs some valve adjustment, but runs well and pretty clean.

Bought from a friend so got a good price i thought, but may be a data point for you. Came with another set of tires, new exhaust packing, few bottles of octane boost, fresh oil, manual and a bunch of other stuff he wanted to get rid of.

If you want 12, and you think you can get 12, don't start out asking for it. Offer it at $1500 and let people "beat you out of" $300.

Like Gray said, ask 1500, let them offer 1200, then be silent while you mull it over. You can then say "I really think it's worth 1500, but I'll let it go for 1300." Then just be quiet and let the silence work them over. Nothing like silence to get the next person chatting. Explain why you think it's worth what you want, and leave it at that. Offer to toss in a stand or some other item as compensation to sweeten the counter-offer. Don't sit there all chatty-Cathy and blabber them to death. Silence is the greatest tool if you are the one starting it. Say your piece and be done.

If you ask a question, the buyer will respond quickly, making you the one dealing with silence. If you make a statement, then the buyer has to think how they want to respond. Example:

"I appreciate your offer of 1200, but will you pay 1300?" (It's now a yes or no question, and they will answer "no" 99% of the time. And you provided them the opportunity to respond immediately because you asked a question instead of leaving it open with a firm statement.)


"I appreciate your offer, but I want at least 1300 because of the upgraded faffner valve and framus tubing." (This method forces the buyer to contemplate and phrase a response beyond "no," because you have made a compelling case, and they now feel like a heel for not accounting for the upgrades)

Hell, if the bike clean and runs good, I see them selling here for $1500-$2000. I say put it on for $1600 and see what happens. I see old blown out 2 smokers in the $1000 range, dont know if they are getting it, but Thats how I see em listed around here (Nor-Cal), I guess it just depends on your market.

1200 is a good price, but I just sold a completely rebuilt 426 for $1400 and it was mint. not a flaw on it... I tried and tried, but just couldn't sell it for anymore.

here it is just before sale...


I'm just going to keep the bike. I can't sell it for what I have in it. i'll just save up for the new bike and keep my yz426. maybe after I get the new bike ill sell this thing to help cover the cost of mods for the new bike.

I haven't had a chance to ride a newer yz450f but im either going to stay blue or I may look at a honda.

I just figure with fuel being so terrible and fuel injection being so awesome it's time for a FI bike. I'd just love to feel how smooth these FI bikes are before I spend extra $$ for one.

I'm seeing tons of carb'd yz450's and crf450's going for very cheap these days.

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