maybe buy a 2010 yz450f?

I was looking around the locol yamaha dealer and i seen 2 brand new 2010's sittin in the corner. they said they would make me a good deal if i wanted 2 trade. i got an 07 450 and was wondering if it would be a very good deal. i dont know wat the price would be my bike has a lexx slip on but it has a torqued front fender other than that it is fairly nice. any thoughts would be nice... thanks

if you can swing it money wise, do it. You will never look back!

do they have any major flaws with the feul injection, motor, supension etc...


Tend to be a little stall happy if you consider that a major flaw

they are jerky on/off compared to carb.

they dont have much topend but the power on these things does rip.

suspension is good.

just do it.

Going riding today for the first time on mine. Bought a 2010 yesterday its doesn't seem to have been rode much. came with full Dr. D and extra sprockets. I cant wait.

I love this bike.

They are great! Had my first real ride yesterday, I love the power, I have a large carcas (102kg) so its perfect,

The throttle jerk is not as bad as I thought, and it feels as light or heavy as my 250f

The stock susp needs some work for me, I found the forks dive a lot, and skip and deflect over small rocks and square edge, the shock is good, I need a stiffer spring , and I am going to install the pro circuit longer linkage arm, apparently this lowers the rear slightly which balances the bike out better

The 2007 is a nice bike but will not even come close to turning/handling the tighter stuff like the 2008+ all things being equal.

The 2010 does improve dramatically with a new suspension link. Takes away the nervous skipping on high-speed braking bumps and lets it settle in ruts better. If you are on the border of needing a heavier spring with the stock setup consider a heavier spring with an aftermarket link to achieve proper race and free sag AND then reset sag.

what dealers have new 10's leftover in the midwest??!! prices??

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