kx500 or newer kx250?

ive owned a couple of kx500s over the years [im 48] and many 650 dual sports as well as a ktm 450 exc but not too many 250s -I want a powerful ,fun dirt-bike now with better suspension and am wondering about a say 03-05 kx250,for around $2000....my friend has my 00 kx500 that i sold him and he says theres nothing out there that will touch it but im sceptical i think a more modern 250 may go fine if you gear it more for top end speed would i be bored with a 250 or should i have to get another damn 500 ??

I miss my CR500 but would never go back. 500's are always going to be untouchable. The problem is they are a handful and sooner or later they will spank you. I have also heard that the KX 500 is unreliable. I love my 250 and grin ear to ear whenever I throw a leg over it. Plenty of power!

There's no comparison motorwise between even a smokin hot brand new KTM 250 and any 500. The 500's will always kill em engine wise. That said, those new bikes sure do have nice suspension. Why not get another 500 and swap out the forks and shock for those of a new design?

Dont compromise then


No choice, the 500. What would you buy out of a 125 and a 250? Older or not they will still be fast, twice the size twice the fun.

yes i love the service bikes !! got em as my computer background- but im looking in the $2000 k range right now[winter project bike] ..i have a ninja 900 for speedthrills -so,..im looking for 2003-2005 kx 250 yz250 wr400, yz426,etc some thing fast, fun, not too heavy- reliable ....i ride mainly 50+ mph in the dirt roads up the mountains -no single track[i loathe single track]i like flat out riding so suspension has to be good..i take care of my bikes because i rarely own them long as i try out something else ...i didnt dig the kx5 last time around and now i want to try something ergo wise and powerwise different ..

nevermind !! ended up getting a plated 99 WR400:smirk: paid $2300 can for it..I tried for the 99 kx500 -but he was not home..:thumbsup: this bike is totally stock and in great condition and cheap to insure and is my winter project bike -its a little rough in the maintenance dept but the oils clean and it still runs good -needs total tlc and clean - up and speced out will be a nice around town and mtn bike for sure.. :ride:

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After owning a 99 YZ400 (good bike but sold it) and currently a 2001 WR 426, I would advise you to get down the starting procedure. If you dont know exactly what you are doing, those bikes can be a bitch to start. Those early generation Yamaha 4 strokes are really good engines. They can be uncorked to produce quite a bit more power than stock. They come fairly plugged up from the factory.

Im used to the starting procedure because i had a 93 dr650s [which was the all -time worst to start bike i ever had ].im gonna clean her up today and go thru the bike and figure out what mods to do to make it run optimal .i really wasnt specifically looking for one of these 400s but im commited to fixing it up now [i guess] and riding it to work this friday if i can switch plates from the ninja ..i used to own IT 400s in the 70s-80s so this bike is the new improved model then?? update: I cleaned it up and headed up to the mtn today to try her out and it runs great -wheelies in third gear [stock] lighter ,funner than my 07 xr650L-now comes the fun part -wringing out another 10 hp this winter.starts first kick now- all it needed was a new plug and gas treatment [with an inline fuel filter added] needs a taller rear sprocket [48]and new piston and rings and cam upgrade and all those other mods ......

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