new guy here I am A transplant to thumpes i have just purchased a 2002 xr 650 r BRP and i love it i have other cr 500's and was concerned about the power that i am used to well no wories here i love the BRP and the 500's are going to new homes soon!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work all!!! :)

Welcome to TT. You will definately find some good info on the 650R here. :)

Welcome to the BRP owners club! BRP's are the biggest baddest tire schredding earth pounding 'motocross' bike to ever hit the planet, if you ask me... heh. :)

I just bought my BRP over the weekend, I found a dealer with a brand new 2000 model, willing to drop a good chunk off the cost, and put it through Honda's current finance deal. I have the uncork kit on order from Baja Designs, 170 or so shipped, not too bad.

My next trick will be to get a license plate on it, which sounds pretty easy here in Missouri. Looks like I just add a horn, high/low headlight with high indicator, and a brake light...

We'll see if my license can handle it!

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