Is It legal to ride on the powerlines?


I can walk to the powerlines near my house and I ride on them all the time but I wanted to know If it was legal? Thanks

Would you add some weight to the bike so it stays on the high wire better?



its probably not legal. in NJ it definately wouldnt be, but then again everythings illegal in jersey

Its not legal. its private property

lol at picture and damn, I was kind of hoping it would be legal so i could have hundreds of miles of riding area haha. I knew it was to good to be true:banana: I havent been caught yet :thumbsup:

go ahead and ride not like we were able anyway.I think or see it as if people wouldnt go and ride and be stupid on any 1s property get hurt and sue every 1 except looking at there own dumb behavior we wouldnt be in this predicament.THink about It!?

true, very true.

I guess it depends on if the power lines are in an OHV designated area. Here we have power lines that run over the hills and through the woods of some of our OHV areas.

stop a local EPO and get the right answer

It's only illegal if you get caught.:thumbsup:

There are lots of places to ride if your bike is quiet and you don't bother people. Being nice to your neighbors keeps places like that off the radar.

yeah, who cares.. I grew up riding in farmers fields woods and powerlines.. just don't overdo it in one place

Where I am at in PA ATVs can ride some of the powerlines and other cool state forest trails but its a big no no for a street legal dualsport also a $300.00 fine plus court costs. I stopped and asked a forest ranger one day, he told me of the fines and costs and stated that motorcycles do more harm to the environment than ATVs. I still fail to see how 2 skinny tires can cause more damage than 4 fat tires. The ranger also said that motorcycles can ride farther back in the wilderness to cause more damage which is more BS. The bottom line is don't get caught, they don't "let you off the hook" you will pay a fine and possibly have your bike impounded.

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