bleeding inner cartridge (what am I'm doing wrong)

Bike: 2010 yz450f with stock suspension.

After bleeding damper rod and installing cartridge I compress completely to release any excess oil and after I do this the rod will not extend the last couple of inches. If I don't fully compress the rod it extends fully by itself.

What am I doing wrong? I assume, according to manual I am suppose to completely compress the rod to remove oil. Is this correct. I can't imagine there is anything wrong with these forks low hours with recreational riding.

Any ideas I'm feeling stupid here, thanks!

If you pull it out to full extension, will it stay, or does it pull back in a bit.

It isn't unusual for the rod to fail to extend itself the last inch or so because the pressure on the oil from the ICS springs is not that great at full extension.

When you first fully compressed it after assembly, did it spit air and excess oil from the bleeds? If not, you didn't have it full enough.

Read the link below if you haven't already. I won't be able to follow up with you until tomorrow evening if you still have trouble. Off to the desert....

Nope it stays extended and it does spit air and oil out so it sounds like everything is fine and I have wasted a lot of time and oil trying to get it "perfect"

Thanks for the link been searching forever trying to find something today do that helped a ton.

well everythings done and good to go. Just wanted to say I used that bleed method and could actually see a difference in the amount of air that came out on final bleeding....I got mostly oil and only took 1 stroke

Most of the credit for that method goes to Dave Johnson at SMART Performance, although I did refine it about 10%.

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