GYTR shuts down

Hi folks, my GYTR shuts down when i connected it to the bike, its a 2011 YZ450F, any idea?



GYTR I would assume your referring to the tuner? Try replacing batteries

are you talking about when you plug it in with the tuner on it will shut off? Just hit the power button again?

Change batteries !

mine does the same thing. Put new batteries in it...does the same thing. Haven't used it for a while. They do wierd things with weak batteries. I just plug it in and start the bike. If you need to load a map, start the bike then shut it off, mine stays on then.

yes the tuner, yes it shuts down when i connect and it won't start when connected, otherwise it it starts (the tuner) just fine, will try with the bike on, seems bit weird

I do know that on my bike with the Power Commander 5 installed, when attempting to change the timing map with the factory tuner it would not work. It would shut down as you described. So if you have a PCV that may be your problem. Disconnect all the PCV connectors and re-connected factory harness, tool connects and works fine? Possible CAN bus issue, power supply issue, I dont know?? I wish Dyno Jet would make a Ignition module for the 450F that would interface with the Fuel module.

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