Lowered foot pegs yz450f for tall rider

Do I need these? And who makes a good set?

I am 6'1" 34" inseam and am a beginner MX racer.

I find that when I try to grip the seat with my knees that my knees are just on to slightly above the top of the seat.

Since I am a beginner I would like to get feedback to see if this is really what I need before I go blowing $100+ on foot pegs. The only ones I have seen are these. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/10/210/28178/314/PITEM/Fastway-Evolution-II-F6-Series-Footpegs-2006-Yamaha-YZ450F-Parts.aspx?WT.ac=Cart_Item (fastway evolution)

Depending on what year yzf you have you may have to buy the fastway mounts as well if you want to run them in the "low boy" position, that turns out to be pretty pricey. I went with system tech racing lowered footpeg mounts with the stock footpegs and am very happy with them, and if I ever feel the need to go lower I can buy the fastway pegs and run them in the low position.

How tall are you? My bike is a 2006 yz450f

6'4", I needed the lower mounts and a tall seat for my knees to grab seat.

Lowered and wider pegs will do wonders for your comfort and bike control! Just make sure you get some that aren't slippery like soap bars when things get muddy.

bm you might wanna think about raising the bars a touch, i m like panther i m 6 4 also. i dropped pegs and raised bars its alot more comfortable.

look into cutting the stock pegs down and switching springs (left on right side and vice versa). This will drop pegs down and back. It made a huge difference for me (6'5") and is free. I used a cut off wheel and angle grinder. There is more info here with a couple of guys taking pics. Gluck

On an '06 cutting and dropping the stock pegs make the peg stop hit the bracket mounting bolt. Fastway makes lowered peg mnts and lowered pegs, but I could not remove my peg mounts they have very shallow torx bolts. I mounted the Fastway pegs, tightened the adjustment bolt in all the way and ground down the stop to hit the mounting bolt head and obtain the correct peg angle, has been working great for 2 years. I'm 6'3" and also have a tall seat and bar mnts raised 19mm and Windham bend ProTapers.


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