Breather pipe to air intake...

Anyone have the part number for the modified breather pipe which runs into the 'nipple' on the airbox hose. Or Know of an alternative to the breather which runs down the frame?


I highly recommend NOT connecting the breather tube to the airbox drain. Do a search for Clark's breather tube post, it has the info you want.

All I did was drill a 1/8" hole in the tube and protective sleeve to break any vacuum that could result in dirty water getting sucked into the valve train area. The hole was drilled in a protected area behind the radiator. It only needs to allow enough air in to break the vacuum created when trying to restart while submerged in water that is higher then the bottom of the tube. Now it still vents out the bottom but leaves you safe from restarting as long as the water is not above the drilled hole.

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