WR450F AIS Kit Q's

Hi All,

Im a proud owner of a brand new left over '09 WR450.. getting ready to open her up and just have a quick question. I'm at sealevel and ride mostly at sea level. I plan on getting the JD jet kit, but I also currently have the GTYR AIS Removal kit that comes with jets... I know the main, needle & pilot in JD's kit are more spot on so my question is should I put in the rest of these jets (leak jet, etc) or leave it all stock and just use the JD kit? I read the FAQ and it doesnt touch on this specific topic.

I am pretty sure I have a combination of both in there. I did the AIS kit then a few months later installed the JD kit and only changed what JD directed. Not a big deal either way.

If you are taking the carb off, do yourself a favor and upgrade the accelerator pump linkage spring (Merge Racing). It is a huge improvement in throttle response.

I didn't use any of the jets from the GYTR AIS block off kit. I used all of the jets from the JDJetting kit that the instructions said to. I did this before every riding the bike and I have not had to go back into the carb since. This was back in June of '07.:thumbsup:

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