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My first enduro.....

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So I show up at the race unload my bike, sound check and get my row assignment...... it's Row 1. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad but at least i'll be done early right? So I throw my gear on start the bike and roll off to the start. Nervous, got a hundred riders behind me that all look like seasoned veterans and i'm hoping that I don't do something stupid. The guy beside me on row one is telling anyone that will listen how kick ass his new auto clutch is and the he can start the bike in gear. I'm not paying much attention as i'm trying to focus on what I need to do in the race. Well I can tell you this, no one was paying any attention to me the rest of the day. The dude starts his bike in gear and it takes off! It almost runs over one of the workers at the start and crashes in the brush 20 yds down the trail! I knew that whatever I did the rest of the day it wouldn't be as stupid as what I had just seen.........

I had a blast the rest of the day. Finished mid pack in C overall.

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