Will a Yz450 radiator fit on my 426?

So I have a yz426. at speedworld lastnight me and my buddy leaned our bikes on each other. long story short some ******** kept pushing them over when we where not around. :thumbsup:

So now I have a busted radiator... I Need one asap for glamis. I am leaving on Thursday. Ebay takes to long.

There are people parting out yz450's form 03-06 on Craigslist,will a rad from one of them work?.

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My guess would be no. I can't say for sure but looking at fluidyne's radiators they list different part numbers for the yz426 and the yz450. You should be able to order the Fluidyne unit from a local parts dealer with rush shipping.

I work for a Yamaha dealership and my employee cost on a stock rad is still insane. You can buy a pair of Fluidynes for the cost of one Yamaha rad.

Expect to have to modify a yz450 rad to work on your bike and your still left with a used product they may not work.

Ok thanks. I ended up finding someone with a set in really good shape for 50 and I got them.

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