suspention, i need more

well, jumping my tank on a tabletop i came up short and landed pretty damn hard from about 8 feet up, needless to say, it bottomed hard. My question is this,(i only know engines, suspention is not my forte) how do i go about stiffening my suspention? front especially, rear seems pretty good. I dont want to revalve yet, just stiffen up the compression. thanks in advance, JR

Good place to start if you dont want to redo your forks just yet--get a pair of .045 (or .047 if you are a big boy) springs from Eibach or RaceTech.

Will run you $99 plus s/h.

But really if you are jumping a 300 lb bike maybe a re-vavle, shim stack and new rear spring would be in order.....

Plan on at least $500 for front and rear- it makes a HUGE difference. I got mine done at and like it alot...

being from canada, it costs me a $h!tload to ship to the US and back plus they are usually pricks about bringing stuff back. So i think i will have to find someone based here to do my suspention. rear springs im sure i could do, but i know nothing about the internals of forks. Anyone know anyone good in Canada for suspention work? thanks, JR.

BTW, im about 165LBS, until christmas :).

Check out this article

Since you are pretty close to the weight the suspension was designed for (but doing something it was not designed for) you probably won't have to alter much. At the very least, get the crap Honda calls oil out of the forks and replace it with a good oil. Also, increasing the amount of oil in your forks will help resist bottoming.

ya i got the old oil like substance out of there a while ago with my buddy's help, put 3w back in. would a thicker oil stiffen things up? Thanks for the info, JR

I'm not a suspension tuner, just a long time experimenter. According to Race Tech info, "Oil level can drastically alter bottoming resistance and only affects the last part of the travel. If you like the action but the forks bottom too easily, raise your oil level by 10mm". So, if you like the way the forks work, other than the bottoming, just add more oil. I like the way my bike feels with heavier (.49) springs and 3w oil, but I'm 280lbs with gear and never leave the ground (on purpose). If you've got more time than money, start with what's free (almost) and go from there.

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