I bloody crashed...

Well... it had to happen...

After 7 years on the road with literally any kind of motorcycle I started off-roading beginning this year with a KLX 650 R. It went fine... so I sold the Kwakker and bought a WR 400 F. And it also went fine... I was beginning to know the bike and it all sorted out well... till yesterday...

A path I took about every week, just left from home, hit the path, switched to third gear and then - I still don't know why and that's what I hate the most - I lost control en the bike decided to go tree-wards.

I hit a tree with the left side of the bike... Overall hit score:

- My shoulder got a serious hit... nothing broken but something is majorly wrong, gonna get X-rays this afternoon...

- Leg got a serious hit, but nothing special

- Some scratches etc, and a helmet who took the impact

Gear status:

- Pants ready for the trashbin (thank god they sucked anyway)

- Helmet is a no-go


- Handlebar bent (as to be expected)

- Front light smashed

- Rear brake pedal bent

- Left handguard broken

And, that's about it... I hope it won't cost me too much and I sure hope that shoulder gets well soon so I can start riding again...

Maybe I went a bit too bast, who knows... :)

Anyone has an idea on what the stuff above costs? I hope this was crashing's severest, I don't mind taking a bite of sand, but when they put a tree in front of me I'd rather prefer the sand :D


I'm not sure about all the parts but the headlight assy is expensive. Buy an aftermarket unit as they are way cheaper and you should be able to get one for $75 or less.

If you had the stock bars, they suck anyway so you were due. A good pair of aluminum bars should cost you about $60.

Try bending the brake pedal back as you'll probably bend it again anyway.

If you don't have a chest protector and fore arm guards, I'd get some, they help a lot.

Anyway, glad you aren't hurt worse and don't let it discourage you. :)


Thanks for the reply... I'm getting better by the day but it'll be about 2 weeks before I can use full force on my shoulder again... Guess I'll need some training.

I was planning to get some aftermarket stuff... I hope the lights are as good as the original tho :)

Thank god I wore a chest protector and arm guard or else the shoulder would've been broken, the doctor said.

TBH I'm a bit scared on hopping up again, but on the other hand I really want to get on the bike again and try again at ease... :D

Freak' I had a similar injury about 2 months ago. I pulled the front wheel up just b-4 a big puddle, the bike got sqirriley which caused me to apply even more thottle an went shoulder first into a big oak tree :D. Took about a month (give or take a week) to feel 100% :D. I still rode every weekend afterward but had to take it easier & build back up to my old reckless self :D. Good luck in your quest to heel and hop right back into the saddle and put it behind you & have fun.

Smoke :)

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