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My ssr160yx Check it outt!!

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I picked up a 2009 ssr160yx pit bike. The bike seems like it's really good quality for a chinese brand. The suspention is amazing im really impressed wit it. Ive gone over the whole bike taking almost everythin appart and even bleeding the brakes in the process. The bike has some carb issues that im trying to work out but im trying to get ahold of some jets at the moment. The carb is really outta wack ive never herd a bike idle this way. It seems to hickup and try to die. The bike bogs when i give quick chops of throtal and the spark plug is white i color so i definitely kno i *need a larger piolet and main. Ive got a vid here that i took if someone wants to listen to it and lmk if it could be a result of something else. Im goin to try and adjust the valves to but ill do that after the jet kit.*



While taking the bike appart i noticed the intake manifold was offset blocking the inner diametre about 3mm or so so i took a dremel to it. Also the exhaust manifold had some protruding welds inside that i took care of. Im not sure how much ill see performance wise but its jus more piece of mind for me knowing im getting every bit of performance i can outta this thing.. Here's a pic of where i took the dremel to the header.


Another thing i noticed when changing the oil was that the metal dipstick had some nicks in it, looks like somethin internally possibly the kickstart shaft or somethin??*

Good thin it has a magnetic drain bolt cause it definitely dis it's job.


I hate how pit bikes dont hav any protection over the rear shock so i made my own out of a bicycle fender. I think it turned out great, i love how it makes it look like a real bike.



I hope to get this bike running perfect soon before the snow comes so i can get out there and really test this thing out.*

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I jus jetted the bike. Cant believe how out of wack the thing was i moved up 3 sizes on the piolet and 15 on the main lol. Damm chinese brands

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