KX250f 05, blown head gasket

i have a problem, the head gasket on my KX is blown, the bike wasn't ridding when i realized it, so i dont think it overheated. but my exhaust was filled with coolant, what do i have to replace eccept the head to get it running again?? and do you think the packing in my exhaust is damaged from the coolant?

Somehow i dont think that a blown head gasket would cause the exhaust to fill with coolant ....But i may be wrong but my guess is that your Cylender Head is Cracked

First of all i would Tear the top end down and inspect everything.

What should I be looking out for?

For cracks or any damage. Take a flashlight and put it in the water jacket in the head and see if you can see any damage ..

But as i said im not 100% that a cracked head is a problem i would try to ask D-K or Primal they are Pro's

A blown head gasket can let the coolant get into the combustion chamber, but it will not be much, at least to begin with.

And it will do it while running when the pressure rises. When cooled back down the water is under no pressure and it will be very little entering the combustion chamber. It will be smoking white when started cold, then it lessens.

If the exhaust fills up with coolant while the bike is sitting, there must be a big crack in the head. I really can´t imagine anything else being the problem.

As mr. Birgisson said, you need to take the head off and inspect the parts. Post pics if you can.

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