What to expect with aftermarket header?

Does the aftermarket performance headers do anything about the power delievery?? Is it worth to get one?

I consider them a bit expensive and i dont know how a small lenght of tube can modify the power curve of the WR.

Any thoughts?

That would be a good question for Dubach

If you notice Dubach uses the Stock header on his bikes. :D

I have seen others with the same setup.

IMO I dont think it has allot to do with Overall UNLESS

1: the Header is built to Spec like for the White brothers R4 and Lowboy header, FMF PowerBomb and So on.

If there is a differance would you really NOTICE :) Maybe only differance would be in the POCKET BOOK

Your signature says you have a 'Doma full racing exhaust'. Is this a full system, or muffler only? Be warned though, most aftermarket headers have no heat shield. No heat shield = melted pants. I would ask the fast guys at your local track, see what they recommend. :)

Chris...i have the Doma complete system including header. My girlfriend bought the system for me about 1 week before i got the WR. The reason for my question was that i never tested the bike with the factory exhaust. The first time i started the engine, the Doma was already there.

Bad point about the aftermarket header: The tube seems very thin and weak, and it looks exactly like the original one.

It was allways one of my greatest doubts...was it worth the money or not. I am very pleased with the mufller, it is well built and the noise is great.

I noticed some big teams around the world use the stock header but there are also others that prefer the aftermarket ones. Just wanted your opinion cause if you ask the local guys, everyone is going to say that the set-up they have is the best and vice-versa. :)

eduardo, it sounds like the only advantage your Doma header would have over stock would probably be a small weight saving. That is if it is the same diameter tubing etc, as stock of course. Like EGO mentioned, the "Power Bomb" type headers, with the 'Power Bulge' (TM :D), can give a little better delivery at certain parts of the rev' range. If I ever come across a damaged stock YZ/WR header, I will experiment with a homemade PowerBomb, but I am happy with the stocker until then. :)

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