Installing Time-Sert for Stripped Oil Filter Bolt

My lower oil filter bolt threads gave up this weekend on my 06 YZ450; so now it is time to repair them. I am planning to do the Time-Sert repair. After watching the video the instructions show that the hole should be counter-bored to accommodate the little lip on the insert. Does the lip on the insert interfere since the threads are actually quite a bit inside the case? Is the counter bore even used for this application?

Any advice/insights on this are appreciated!

Yes the counter bore is used; it's necessary. I haven't had to use one for this particular problem, but I know that users here have done so, and none of them has reported having any problems with it. Be certain to use a Time-Sert that is long enough to extend past the cross drilled drain hole that comes from the oil filter well. If it does not cover this hole, oil pressure will escape through the gap. If you already have the insert, and it isn't long enough, you can plug the hole from inside with a steel ball:

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