Seat measurement

Would someone with a YZ450F please be so kind as to measure there stock seat from front to back for me ? I am wanting to change the seat cover on my bike and found one that fits the 06 and newer 450's. My bike is a YZ426F and not sure the seat cover will fit. Thanks.:thumbsup:

2010 is 26 1/2" straight 26 3/4" if the tape measure follows contour of seat. I think the 2010 seat may be different as I just bought a guts cover and it lists 10/11 seperate.

Also guts lists them for your bike if you are having trouble finding one just dont buy the stapler its $40 dollars overpriced.....just found that out after I bought it

ADDED: seat cover removed is 26 1/2 also

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Thank you tech24. i really appreciate it. I like the new seat covers for the newer bikes and am trying to see if they will measure up close to the same deminisions before I go and buy one.

I measured my seat at 29 5/8" I guess im going to have to get a cover that fits my bike specific. I dont think I can stretch the 2010/2011 cover 3 inches. Thanks again for your help.

yeah thats a bit much. I don't know what the '06 - '09 seats are but I'm guessing a bit shorter as well. If you haven't check out guts racing if I remember correctly that have the same or similar designs for all the bikes. Some are a little pricey but they are nice covers.

The '06 (covered) measures 27" long, and 13" edge-to-edge up and over the widest/highest part, which is 16" forward of the rear edge.

Thanks Gray. I checked out the guts covers that tech24 has mentioned and I like them also. I am going to order one of those. Thanks tech24 and Gray.

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