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Suzuki RMX250 Parts Help

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Hi everyone,

Recently i have decided to swap my RM250 for something enduro & regoable as im pretty limited in places to ride without a licence & enduro bike where i live. I was looking at the DRZ400E but most peoples opinions were i would miss my RM and for what i want to do the DRZ wouldnt cut it. It seems the RMX is basicly the RM with a light & slightly detuned if anyone can confirm?

My main question is where to buy certain items for these ageing bikes? i have looked on ebay and Rocky Mountain (I live in Australia) & no dealer i can find knows where to look. If anyone on here could answer the following I'd appreciate it.

Where to buy new plastics?

Where to buy decent graphics?

Where to buy expansion chamber & slip on muffler?

Where to buy expansion chamber guard?

Also, What (if any) models of RM250 plastics are interchangable with the RMX? (Im looking at a 97-98 model RMX so anything that would fit that).

Thanks guys & girls

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