Axle problem on a WR 450 2009

Hey Guys & Girls,

I've got a problem with the axle of the swingarm that connects to the engine and frame. I would like to take it out for greasing but it is stuck because at two spots the axle is open to the elements and is dirty and rusty. Anybody any ideas because I'm stuck here!

Penetrating oil sprayed liberally will help, especially if you let it "soak" overnight. If you have access to some torches, you can heat up the swingarm axle a couple of times. These "heat cycling's" will help brake the bond of corrosion and will help in the removal of the axle. You might even be able to use a really big hammer to pound it out, just be carefull you don't mushroom the end so bad that it won't slide thru!!! If none of this helps, I've heard of some people on here that have taken a sawzall to the axle, and then removed the pieces. This should be a last resort approach though.

Air chisel with a rounded off bit.

I'm with Maniac, I'd like to add that you can tap it out using a wood block and hammer, tap it a few times, tap it back in place to let the corrosion fall out, tap with the hammer and block, tap it back in place. Work it back and forth and showly but surely the corrosion will usually just rake off.

If still stuck once you can't swing at it you can carefully use a punch to push it on through.

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