gas coming out of vent

FYI, I posted some time back about my gas cap vent hose on my 09450f leaking gas and oily substance on my front fender. After being concerned my steering bearings were where the oily substance was coming from I bought an aftermarket short stubby gas vent hose. Well then it was just spilling gas on my lap and gas tank. I ruled out defective one way vents by blowing and sucking on them, I could tell they both were working. So I thought the common denominator here is gas cap. I flipped gas cap over and there was 3 screws. I loosed them and it revealed a cup that the screws were on. The actual gas cap has a very small channel to let air under a gasket while the cup that had the screws on has a very small hole to allow air to enter gas tank. This channel and hole was lined up together. I rotated the cup around and screwed the cup back on with the small hole opposite from the small channel on the gas cap and no more leaking. I know this is hard to understand without seeing it but very simple if you take apart the gas cap. So hopefully this will help those whose having the same problem.

does it still vent properly?

Fuel running down the center of the stem cannot, under any circumstance, reach the steering bearings on the outside of the stem.

does it still vent properly?

Yes I was worried for a while but no problems.

Yes I was worried for a while but no problems.

Have you tried removing the gas cap after a good ride while the bike is still hot? No pressure releasing?

Have not tried that, But I did put in about 6 laps without engine dying.

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