chain link seized?

I have a non O ring regina chain running ironman 13/50 sprockets. The chain and sprockets are still in spec. The rear has some wear and the front is basically brand new.

I pulled my chain off to clean it, so I soaked it in kerosene for a bit. I dried it and was going through each link and the master link hinge is very stiff. I tried working it back and forth and it is a little better but still really stiff.

I have it soaking in some penetrating oil right now.

Any other tips that might help?

What kind of master link? (clip or rivet?)

clip. Went home at lunch and it is a little better, but still really stiff.

The clip type links on most good Regina chains are a press fit as to the outer plate on the pins. After you assemble the link, push the pins back through the plate so the outer plate is out against the clip. This will give you the most clearance. Also check that the inner plates have not spread outward on the sleeves.

The chain is toast. It sucks because every other link is perfect. Oh well.

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